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Full service private investigation firm dealing everything from cheating spouses to employee theft and missing persons. Since January 2003, we have been called upon throughout Texas to help in more complicated and seemingly unsolvable cases.


Houston Investigation Service, LLC are the Surveillance Experts in Houston, Texas and the surrounding area. Our experienced detectives conduct surveillance daily in difficult and many different locations throughout Texas. Our investigators have the ability to use different vehicles and are experts at adapting to their environment.

Undercover Investigation

Houston Undercover Investigators

When a business is faced with fraud, theft, espionage, product tampering, substance abuse and/ or malingering and derelict employees, the insertion of a qualified undercover investigator into the workforce is an effective means of determining the depth and scope of the problem, identifying those involved, documenting the case and arriving at a definite resolution of the matter.


Is it possible to have too much experience?

Aside from over two decades of work as a private investigator, our owner has personally worked as a commissioned guard and is profoundly versed in the ins-and-outs of patrol, security, foot patrol, vehicle patrol, and more.

In addition, all investigators have a minimum of five years’ experience, properly licensed and are well supervised.

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We are insured and licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau.

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