Child Custody Investigations

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Are you going through custody case? 

Do you feel your partner is keeping you away from your child?

Do you fear for your child's safety?

  • Professionally question any witnesses involved
  • Background checks can be provided on your spouse and her circle of friends
  • Collect audio, video, and photographic documentation of any kind of neglect or harm
  • Guaranteed discretion
  • Provide expert witness testimony when needed
  • Ensure that your child remains the top priority throughout the court case

Not sure how to begin?

We can help answer any questions about how we work. We are more than happy to go over the process with discretion.

Child Custody Investigations

How can our investigative team in Houston help your case?

  • Our investigations might show that your spouse is routinely bringing around a new partner, while in the company of your child.
  • We might find that your spouse has failed to pick up your child from school on several occasions. It could also be that your spouse never spends any serious time with your child.
  • We can lay out indisputable facts before a judge which might show negligence, disinterest, or harmful behavior toward your child.
  • Your chances of obtaining custody will then be made substantially better. Evidence provided by trained professionals carries considerable weight in a court case and can make all the difference in swaying the judge’s opinion.
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Let Us Help You With Your Child Custody Case

We can improve your chances

There are some things you can do which will improve your chances of winning custody, and these will be outlined below.

You can also enlist the aid of Houston’s best investigative team, to help support your case with facts that bolster your claim.

Let’s define some of the ways you can help position yourself favorably to win the custody battle.

Don’t expose the child to your new love interest

One of the worst things you can do while trying to win custody is exposing your child to a new love interest.

During times when the child is with you, it’s best that you do not show any kind of overt affection for a new partner. The courts generally frown on demonstrations of affection with someone else soon after a break-up.

It’s far better for you to spend significant time with your child than to be spending tons of time with a new romantic interest.

Get really involved with your kid’s life

Go to soccer games. Watch a movie together. Take in a baseball game. All these things demonstrate that you enjoy being with your child, and want to be involved in his/her life.

Keep a journal of your activities and your spouse’s

While you’re doing all these activities with your child, keep a journal of them. You can use it to substantiate your claim of concern.

By the same token, you should also keep a journal of your spouse’s involvement, especially the details of any missed pick-ups or no-shows at your child’s events.

Be flexible about visiting times

Try to stay as flexible as possible about spending time with your child. If your spouse needs to change the dates, be ready to do that.

This can be a big selling point in your favor when you’re trying to justify to the judge why you deserve custody more than your spouse does.

Find out your child's preferences for living arrangements

Have an honest talk with your child, so you understand what his/her feelings are about staying with you, as opposed to your spouse.

If the child prefers to be with your spouse, find out if there’s anything that might change that attitude.

If there isn’t – it will be even harder to win your case, unless you can prove there’s a possibility of neglect or harm to the child in your spouse’s custody.

How child custody is decided

  • Ultimately, custody will generally be determined by using a plan which the two parents can agree to.
  • If parents cannot find common ground, a mediator will get involved to help resolve any disputes.
  • If even this action doesn’t help, the judge will make a decision based on the evidence presented in the case.
  • Assuming there is no overwhelming factor involved such as child abuse, the judge’s decision will often favor the parent who has demonstrated the most involvement and concern for the child’s welfare.

We Are Here To Help

As we’ve illustrated, we don’t just swoop in without concern for your welfare. We provide a human element to our investigation services. For over 23 years, our clients have relied on our expert investigation for infidelity and cheating spouses. We are confidant in these delicate situations, and we aim to offer a comprehensive service so you have the most accurate and comprehensive data.

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Houston Investigation Services offers 23 years of private investigative experience.

As experienced investigators, we draw on the lessons learned in our many years that bring a subtle approach to private detective work. The owner has personally worked as a commissioned guard and is profoundly versed in the ins and outs of patrol, research, and observation.


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Our services stand on their own… so much so that our business is primarily word-of-mouth.

It’s easy for us to come so highly recommended, thanks to the seriousness with which our staff of experienced investigators. All of our staff are licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau and have continuing education classes that are required to maintain their license.


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