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Infidelity & Unfaithfulness

Being a victim of Infidelity is never easy, but if you suspect your partner is cheating, you deserve to know the truth. Gut feelings are always the best.

Is your partner or spouse out of town on business frequently?
Is your partner or spouse spending extra time on their appearance
Are they attending frequent late meetings at the office?

We have several investigators on staffs that specialize in following suspected cheating spouses. Catching cheaters is a skill that requires many years to obtain. We know the system and how to play the game.

Find the truth now and discuss a plan with one of our licensed Private Investigators.

We can guide you on how to proceed.

Houston Investigation Service, LLC can obtain the proof you need to move forward with your case and protect yourself and your interest from an unfaithful lover.

Locating Missing Persons

Everyone has to be somewhere and we have the resources to find most of them. Our locate reports are conducted and confirmed by experienced private investigators. Please do not be confused by companies selling raw data on the internet, as this information is often incorrect or simply outdated.

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