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We specialize in very complex private and commercial issues. You can trust the Houston Investigation Services and our staff, which has years of combined experience with observation and research.

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What’s Our Background?

Houston Investigation Services offers 23 years of private investigative experience.

As experienced investigators, we draw on the lessons learned in our many years that bring a subtle approach to private detective work. The owner has personally worked as a commissioned guard and is profoundly versed in the ins and outs of patrol, research, and observation.


What Makes Houston Investigation Different?

Our services stand on their own… so much so that our business is primarily word-of-mouth.

It’s easy for us to come so highly recommended, thanks to the seriousness with which our staff of experienced investigators. All of our staff are licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau and have continuing education classes that are required to maintain their license.


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Houston Investigation Service offers a comprehensive range of investigative services tailored specifically for lawyers and insurance companies in the Greater Houston area. Recognizing the intricate and detailed nature of legal and insurance cases, we deploy a team of highly skilled professionals experienced in gathering evidential support, undertaking observation, and securing witness testimonies.

At Houston Investigation, we’ve got your back Texas! Learn more about our private detective services today!

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We are insured and licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau.

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